The community


The Be Park concept offers advantages to the whole community :

+ The  parking owner – private person

A private person can be an owner of a parking emplacement that he offers to the other members of the community at times where he/she doesn’t use its parking. The person itself can choose the frequency, dates and hours its parking spot is accessible to the Be Park clients. The price of the parking spot(s) will be determined on the basis of the location, in consultation with Be Park.

+ The account – private person

The driver can enjoy from parking at enterprises or other private persons when these parking owners are not using their parking spot(s) and this at an economic price which is on the short term approximately 10% to 25% cheaper than private parkings.
On the long term, in case of habitants, the person can avoid searching for a free spot at night when he has an economic, monthly subscription for a Be Park parking spot. These subscriptions are approximately 50% cheaper than an average box located in the same zone.

+ The owner – professional

The company, supermarket, school, restaurant,… who disposes of several emplacements can offer its parking spots at times when that actor (owner of the parking spots) is not using (all) its spots. For example at closing hours.

+ The professional – account

The restaurant, company, … who doesn’t have (enough) parking spots at its disposition for its clients can thanks to Be Park propose its clients to park at a Be Park parking close to its location.


It concerns a WIN-WIN situation between the private person or company that valuates its emplacement(s) without extra charges AND the account which can finally enjoy to park at parking spots which were unaccessible before Be Park !